1. i had to write this in pencil because my body handles the thought of you as a positive feedback mechanism. it takes the initial change and enhances it. stimulates neural, cardiovascular, and respiratory activity. the eraser is the negative feedback mechanism. it all needs to slow at one point.
2. these chemical messengers – you feel them too, right? days like today they are racing from tarsals to cephalic; goosebumps from the winds of the passers by. just when i thought i had a steady grip, another flies by and it’s onto the next. i can never fully grasp the idea of you. you feel it too, right?
3. this beating heart – i know you hear it, too. it is working so hard to keep us going. the pounding is the sound of serotonin release to create vascular spasms, the sound of healing wounds, the sound of continuation. this sound lives. this sound thrives. i know you hear it too.
4. these soul-filled lungs – you’ve got to have those, too! there’s more to them than just the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. it’s the supply of oxygen brought to erythrocytes that allows you to just BE. to just EXIST. take advantage of those O2 molecules and just LOVE.

5. the world around us is mad. it is deathly ill. but the good news is, humans are designed to succeed. we are provided with systematic functions that make surviving a little bit easier. i promise i can show you a body that does the dirty work in between the war that is your head and your heart. if you’d just let me.


One thought on “anato(me)”

  1. Wow! I love how you bridged the art of literature with the art of science and the human body. I’m intrigued by your lack of capitalization; it give the writing an almost manic feel, intensifying it, as does the repetition. This reads like a desperate journal entry to the world. I love it.

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