Poetry Is…

Poetry is alive and well,

what helps you experience the seasons,

helps you realize you fell

for that boy – all the wrong reasons.


Poetry is an escape route –

when you are lost, it is a trustworthy guide.

For all the times you drown in doubt,

it is a quiet friend in which you confide.


Poetry is in the streets,

it can be seen in every face…

an artist’s greatest defeats,

her mind immersed in deep space.


Set over the atmosphere, a subtle gloom

where we produce in the way we consume.


(Inspired by quotes from Matty Healy, The 1975)


One thought on “Poetry Is…”

  1. Although poetry is not something that is easily gives to me, writing is, and I can relate to this post. Writing, simply writing my thoughts at midnight, my feelings from passed experiences, and my view of certain social issues or the world we live in is an escape and helps me have a voice. šŸ˜Š


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