Gone Astray

The pain was in the wait,

but you knew it was right…

the attention made everything so great.


All the colors merged to white;

there was nothing they appeared to lack –

you thought they were the only thing in sight.


Now let’s rewind it back

to when you weren’t blind,

to when your heart wasn’t severed by a crack…


you tried to be so mindful and kind,

you failed to see that

you left yourself behind.


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Photo credit: http://www.shutterstock.com

Writer’s Reflection

Gone Astray is written in terza rima, and I chose this style as a class assignment. I like the sound of three lines read aloud; it seems simplistic but has a complex structure. I think the poem tells “the story behind it” in itself. It’s about someone loving another person too much, and while giving them too much, they lose the idea of who they are.

Poetry has always been a big part of my writing. My journaling as a child turned into artistically expressing myself, leading to mostly free verse. Creative Writing as a class has encouraged my writing with the introduction of new forms I had never heard of, or ones that I have never attempted. So thank you, Mrs. Keskes, for pushing me as a writer and growing my experiences in new places of language!


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