Just you.

It’s crazy how

one word can occupy

a whole blank page when

you are nowhere to be found.


Age Based Confidence (an abecedarian) 

A hole that could be filled

By people, places, and passions.

Can you do this at your age?

Do you think you are physically capable?

Explicitly, I say yes to both.

Functional restraints

Given by the year you were born –

How is that fair?

I try to

Just be the best me but I’m

Kept behind, held back.

Let yourself grow 

Maturity in your young body –

No one needs to know.

One day,

People will see you doing big things, possibly

Questioning how you got to the top –

Right when they doubt you


Thank yourself for the 

Ultimate gift –

Vigorously training yourself to be you.

While looking to find who you are –

X marks the spot!

You’ve been capable the whole time…

Zoom to do what you love. 

Visible Light

To write,

to draw your thoughts –

communicating them through art…

People do not

appreciate your true colors, but

they’d love to see

who you are


darkness consumes all.


the nineteen seventy-five (a cinquain)

the production, something of heaven.

the aesthetic, half past eleven.

the setlist, a beautiful progression.

the lyrics, a complex expression.

this band, my greatest obsession.


The 1975 in Concert - London
The 1975 at the O2 Academy in Brixton, London. Photo credit:

Gone Astray

The pain was in the wait,

but you knew it was right…

the attention made everything so great.


All the colors merged to white;

there was nothing they appeared to lack –

you thought they were the only thing in sight.


Now let’s rewind it back

to when you weren’t blind,

to when your heart wasn’t severed by a crack…


you tried to be so mindful and kind,

you failed to see that

you left yourself behind.


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the perfect thought of

a mind so sad, so broken –

where is the beauty? 


the wanderer


his heart feels for someone new

the cat has been killed