Just you.

It’s crazy how

one word can occupy

a whole blank page when

you are nowhere to be found.


Age Based Confidence (an abecedarian) 

A hole that could be filled

By people, places, and passions.

Can you do this at your age?

Do you think you are physically capable?

Explicitly, I say yes to both.

Functional restraints

Given by the year you were born –

How is that fair?

I try to

Just be the best me but I’m

Kept behind, held back.

Let yourself grow 

Maturity in your young body –

No one needs to know.

One day,

People will see you doing big things, possibly

Questioning how you got to the top –

Right when they doubt you


Thank yourself for the 

Ultimate gift –

Vigorously training yourself to be you.

While looking to find who you are –

X marks the spot!

You’ve been capable the whole time…

Zoom to do what you love. 

Gone Astray

The pain was in the wait,

but you knew it was right…

the attention made everything so great.


All the colors merged to white;

there was nothing they appeared to lack –

you thought they were the only thing in sight.


Now let’s rewind it back

to when you weren’t blind,

to when your heart wasn’t severed by a crack…


you tried to be so mindful and kind,

you failed to see that

you left yourself behind.


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